About Kirby…

Fifty years old and 20 years married meant a new chapter in her life.  The kids were almost grown, she had success in her career, she and her husband saw ‘a light at the end of the tunnel’; travel, empty nesters, no more ‘calendaring’. She just didn’t know the light would be blinding and bring the world she knew crashing down around her. This blogging journey starts from the very beginning of rejection, abandonment, agony and astonishment…HER HUSBAND LEFT.  Her ‘second half’ was no longer her dream…it was now her worst nightmare. How does Kirby’s journey evolve? How will she express and feel the pain of her loss – and ultimately find her new SELF?

2 thoughts on “About Kirby…

  1. I’m just getting started. He left me two months ago. No note, no words. “He can’t love me, until he loves himself,’ he said. Then he tells me that I wore him down with my words when we fought. And as Brene Brown says, words leave scars. And so does walking out on your wife and not calling, ever. I don’t expect him back. When I asked if he wanted a legal separation, he didn’t hesitate to say yes. I’m on disability and need his insurance. Actually, I needed his love, but he threw that out the window. Now he lives with his mother, who is a widow. She keeps a clean house (as did I), makes him dinner, which include leftovers for his lunch the next day. I hardly feel that he knows the depth of my grief and lonliness. And he says that he hates his living situation. Ugh! Give me a break. I have the entire house, indoor and outdoor to take care of. As I start reading my next book, “When Things Fall Apart,” I hope for some clarity in my own life. Thank you Kirby for keeping it raw. Cause that’s just how it feels.


    1. You are in the really hard part of this awful process. It’s hard to see the light – to even see there is an ending to your pain. I get it. You will go through so many valleys – and when you think its the bottom, another valley is around the corner. I know this sounds unbearable, and it often feels like it, but there is a light – there is recovery – there is life again – without tears. You just need to honor your pain and go thru this process thrust upon you. Take it one step at a time. You cannot change yesterday. You cannot read his mind. You cannot fix him. You cannot predict the future. You can only love yourself and be in the NOW. Avoid the unhealthy behaviors – you know what they are. Stay in the best, softest, my loving place you can and surround yourself with positivity and goodness. You’ll get thru this….it’s a long journey but you’ll do it. Because you have to! Namaste. K


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