It’s a Different World – Three Months Later

Three months ago today – he left me. Almost three weeks from now, we would celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary.

Last night he texted me…he wants me back. Tonight, we’re meeting at 7pm.

My life in a timeline…swinging on my emotional pendulum.  My uncertain, unpredictable life. This is where I live, and this is all I know:


On Day 10 of Oprah & Deepaks ‘Miraculous Relationship’ 21-day Mediation Challenge, I was stunned .  Oprah’s words practically called me out by name.

“What you asked for from the world is exactly what you’re getting back.”

The law of attraction is an amazing thing.  If you’re not a believer, watch The Secret. For me….I believe in it! It’s no coincidence this is happening NOW. I attracted this. I’m strong, steady and feeling more ALIVE – he comes knocking, heart in hand. The universe is amazing…

“If you want fulfilling relationships, first you must be full yourself”.

He may think I’m the same woman he left behind – in the rubble and slush of our broken relationship.  I was crushed and agonizingly broken beyond belief.  Reparation was a pipe dream, but a dream, nonetheless.  Breathing was my first, daily goal. Survival was my mission.

And now, three months later – I’m so much MORE than what he left behind.  I’m steady, strong and worthy of so much more.  He can’t rock me. I am love.  I deserve love. I am more than enough.

My SOURCE provides me strength, comfort and resolve.

Taking steps backward would be a SIN of monumental proportion. Backward is not an option.

What an amazing turn of events….

Stay tuned.



PS- as soon as I finished editing and posting this blog – my phone rang.  It was him, the EXACT SECOND I pressed ‘post’.  He hasn’t called me in two months. THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES…..

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