Blogging About Divorce – The Legal Gamble

Understandably, my attorney is concerned blogging about my journey may hurt me or my divorce case.  Blogging may pose a risk to my divorce case. She’s right. Can I be careful and authentic at the same time? YES! I am committed to keeping my accounts in my blog – about the journey; my feelings, experiences and enlightenment throughout the way. This journey is beyond painful….but I must take each step each day.  I must breathe and I must share.  Reaching out is cathartic and necessary.  I COULD NOT DO THIS ALONE!
Everyone thinks I am so successful and strong – I can handle anything.  I built a strong image, a fačade and this is a side of me I’ve never revealed.  It’s okay to be emotional, vulnerable, raw.  The world accepts me and my flaws.  My friends SHOWED UP, support and love me.  I am AMAZED and open every day to the newness of this journey.  Thank you for reading…this is my response to my dear attorney’s concerns. BTW I’m blessed to have her represent me. 🙂

To Blog or Not To Blog…

Thank you for your concern and counsel. As a public relations professional, I have considered your concerns carefully and completely agree with the risks associated with putting myself and my journey out there.  I’ve been journaling for the last two months and know I need to do this…for me and for others in my shoes.

The purposes of my blogs are to share my spiritual, emotional and intellectual journey from beginning to end.  It’s definitely not about bashing my husband and yes, I would be totally comfortable standing up in court or in front of my children answering for every word. Right now, I am a student, a sponge, a lump of clay – the world around me is providing the most divine support that is beyond comprehension and conventional wisdom. I am changed to my core. I am RE-GROWING like a forest devastated by fire. I am not a religious person – but I am supported spiritually through prayer and the people around me.  And I FEEL it. It’s really remarkable.
This process rocked my world on every level.  I know you see this all the time – but what perhaps is different is – I’ve embarked on a spiritual journey that is beyond my imagination and dreams for myself.  I didn’t know or believe I was capable of such openness to the universe.  The universe (my friends, strangers, Angels, Spirit, God, books, daily ‘coincidences’) has held me, protected and lifted me up through what could only be described an epic, off the Richter scale personal earthquake.
I am grateful for this experience on many levels. While I’m working to free myself from guilt and hate – these will not serve me in my journey to be a brighter light and better person for myself, my children and those around me. Only healing will feed my soul and get me through this.  I feed myself with affirmations, prayer, mediation and journaling every day – I will only consume goodness and grace. I will live in GRATITUDE for this experience and the world around me.
I hope as you see my blog develops. you may share it with others.  I will be stronger, better, wiser and healthier as a result of this experience.  My blog will show my journey – in a healthy way.
Thank you.

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